Saturday, July 5, 2008

What is it???

Is is a boy? Is it a girl? That's the question on everyone's mind...My pre-maternity clothes are just now starting to barely close over my belly and this is the question on everyone's mind...

Well, sorry to possibly disappoint, but you will have to wait with us until December 27, or sometime around that time for Lil' Monkey to make his or her appearance. No, we're not finding out the sex of our baby...To some, this is a stunning, shocking revelation, "You're not finding out? I could never do that...I have to know...I have to prepare!" To others, "That's so great! It's such a good surprise."

Now, I will admit that the arguments for both sides have been compelling. The best on the "finding out" side has been that you will eventually know and what is the difference if you know before it's here or when it gets here and when you do find out that's when you get your "Surprise!!!!" moment. Arguments on the "surprise" side include notions that it's the one time in your life you can truly be surprised and if your parents didn't find out with us...why should we have to know...

Obviously, we've opted for the latter. Just for the record, Jamie wanted to know at first and I convinced him that the surprise would be worth it...and now I think he's even enjoying the idea of the surprise. It's sort of nice to take the road less traveled and delight in the shock of those who can't imagine not knowing if they are having a little boy or a little girl!

So make your predictions now, start the gender baby've got a 50/50 chance of being right! Heck maybe we'll do some of those old wives' tale tests to fuel the fire...I love all other old wives' tales (Bread and Butter, Salt over your shoulder, etc.) so why not!

Rock on yellow and green and everything gender neutral!

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Sherry said...

Just make sure at your doctor's office to remind them each time you don't want to know what you are having!