Monday, January 12, 2009

Smile like you mean it...

Guess what...the moment I have been waiting for occured today...Hannah gave me her first smile!!! Eyes wide open in response to me saying, "Hi, Hannah!" My heart literally overflowed with joy! (Again!)

Now this is not to say that we haven't had glimpses of what her smile would look like...normally she'd give us a halfhearted sigh of a smile as she was falling asleep...a completely unconcious movement.

This time you could truly tell she was alert, aware and was giving it her all! It was amazing!

Motherhood is a glimpse of what it's like to live with angels.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hannah's Newsletter Volume 2

Volume 2 has now hit your inboxes and as promised, here is where you can vote on which hairstyle you like best...simply comment on this post...votes will be tabulated and announced in the next newsletter.

I can also see you can't really read the Volume 1 I tried to attach to the blog...I will find a way to attach the pdfs or somehow make them readable...I will not post volume 2 to the blog when I figure that out.
Answers to the Hunt for Hannah will be posted shortly!


I am resolving to update the blog more often with all of Hannah's updates...I know have people who check in...only to find I'm not doing my, to all of you, I pledge to be better. :o)

It's a Girl!

So...I am a little behind on adding this but our little girl was born on December 8th! I will write the story of her arrival a bit later as I want her to have all the details that I might forget as my mind fills with all of the other wonders of motherhood.

I have attached her "Birth Announcement" newsletter too!