Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fashionably Stinky

During pregnancy your sense of smell becomes so keen, that I am surprised police don’t hire pregnant women as drug sniffing dogs. In week 5 of my pregnancy, I assisted with a fashion show in Clayton. I love helping with fashion shows…they really are fun as long as you aren’t doing the crazy leg work…that’s another blog in and of itself…but I digress. My role in the fashion show was to wear the headset (I love that part – it’s so rock star!) and to prepare the models to go on stage. So I review their choreography, check their clothes and make sure they are lined up in time for their scene. One slight problem with this show…my location. I was stationed in the service corridor of the ballroom directly across from the trash can filled with the refuse from the event – coffee grounds, old chicken, salad dressing, etc. with my headset cord giving me a 2 foot window to try to avoid the stench emanating from the can. At this point, no one knows about my pregnancy so I can’t very well ask to trade jobs – when I’ve already expressed how excited I am to be helping and wearing the headset…So, I decide to tough it out. Despite the show being delayed for about 20 minutes due to a video I thought would never end, I made it through the event. It’s a great story now and had a VERY good laugh with my fashion show partners, Sean and Lauren after I told them the story.

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