Sunday, November 30, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

Another post I wrote a while ago...but didn't post...enjoy!

Being that Lil’ Monkey is due Christmas Eve, it’s a fun countdown to the holidays. I think I’ll be mildly disappointed if he/she doesn’t show up on/near/around Christmas Eve or Christmas Day…since we’re counting down to that date!

Most people who have leveraged guesses on due date have it pegged for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and even the day after Christmas…

In preparation, we assembled the Christmas Tree on November 11 – yes…I know…it’s early. I was actually surprised that Jamie indulged to let me put it up that soon, but I didn’t want to take chances that we wouldn’t get it up. Now mind you, it has no ornaments on it yet…that’s a project for this weekend! I tried to convince Jamie he should put up the outside lights…but he flat out refused…You can’t win them all.

We also have a plan to have a small Christmas tree ready at the front door in case I end up in the hospital on Christmas. (It was Jamie’s idea and I think it’s so sweet!)

So, let the countdown to Christmas begin…who cares that Halloween has only been over for 2 weeks or that Thanksgiving hasn’t happened…Bring on the holiday spirit, the music and the decorations. The holidays are a state of mind, a time that gives us warm, fuzzy feelings and a time to be grateful for blessings, family and friends and well, all I can say is…I’m ready!

Getting Close

Lil’ Monkey is starting to run out of room…I am 6 weeks from my due date and daily I massage my baby’s bottom out of my ribs! Then he/she will STREEEEEETTTCCCHHH and poke the top of my belly and my bladder at the same time…it’s the weirdest sensation ever.

As for preparations for the baby, we are in pretty good shape. The room is pretty much ready…we have a phenomenally frightening number of size one diapers that everyone assures me we will go through much too quickly, the blankets and clothes and sheets have been washed, and so the countdown is on.

I can’t say that I am “done” or “tired of” being pregnant…some have assured me that it will come to that…I am really more or less looking forward to actually meeting my baby…seeing if it’s a he or a she (Yes – that part is KILLING Jamie and I at this point…)… and yes, I’ll admit it…taking 12 weeks off work!

It's almost December...

And I have not updated or posted since am sort of bad at this...

Actually, keeping up with this and life has been a bit crazier than I anticipated. There are times I think about updating the blog and then I think that sleeping sounds like just a better option overall...and well, as you can tell, sleep wins.

I decided though that I better throw an update out here as we enter into the last month of pregnancy!

Things are getting very exciting to say the least. I see the doctor weekly now. I go back of the last visit, the most exciting news is that the head was down, causing some interesting sensations to say the least, but there was no dialation...sigh...and so we wait!

Jamie and I are pretty darn excited about the baby's arrival. It's really cool to have the "countdown" to baby be in tandem with the "countdown" to Christmas...I think we'll both be a bit disappointed if Santa doesn't bring us our baby for Christmas...although we know we'll be blessed whenever our miracle arrives...

More updates to come soon...promise! Maybe even tomorrow after my appointment...especially if there is news!