Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Draino Test

So, even though we are not finding out if our child is a boy or a girl...we did think it would be interesting to note the results of some of the old wives' tale tests so that when we have the baby we can see if they are off base or right on target.

So, for our first attempt, we went with the Draino test. Now, for those of you not familiar with this test I will explain. You take a teaspoon of Draino and you mix it with the mother's urine...sorry if you were eating and that came as a shock to you. Anyway, the results of the test i.e. boy or girl is determined by what color it turns.

When Jamie and I decided to conduct this science experiment we were both laughing pretty hard at what we were about to do...I mean who comes up with this?!?!?! But we figured it probably had some scientific merit in that a chemical reaction of sorts must be what changes the color. So after carefully conducting the experiment, we both peered into the cup to see what changes awaited...If it turned blue that was supposed to mean boy (Duh!) and if it turned green, that was supposed to mean girl...are you ready for what happened???? It was yellow. For those of you wondering what yellow means (Yes, Douglas I am talking to you.) it means it didn't work. Not at all...

Although we were slightly disappointed to have obtained no new information with this test, there is still the Chinese gender calendar, the one where you swing a ring over the mother's stomach and a myriad of others. Stay tuned!

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