Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pop Goes the Belly

So…I had my first true revelation of looking pregnant (to myself…not really anyone else) on Monday, June 16. I had been uncomfortable in my clothes all day at work. So when I got home, I was so happy to put on my elastic shorts and tee shirt. I was in the bathroom and for some reason I caught a glimpse of my self sideways. If you are like most people, you really never look at yourself sideways…I mean why would you? Anyway, I looked in the mirror and had a stomach…no not that I didn’t have one before, but it was protruding out in a round sort of way. I started to cry. Why? I have no idea. Let’s chalk it up to pregnancy emotions. Either way, it was a true moment where I realized…there’s a Lil’ Monkey in me!

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