Saturday, July 5, 2008

The First Craving is the Deepest

So I am not sure it was so much my first ‘craving’ but considering I was living on a diet of saltines and water with NOTHING outside of these two items being remotely appealing to me, the thought of actually wanting a specific food will qualify itself as a craving in my book. So what was it? A baked potato. Of course, as luck would have it – we had none. Having been to the store earlier in the day and saying, “NO” to every food Jamie offered to put in the cart, Jamie was eager to help me out when I said I wanted food. So, he dutifully put on his shoes and headed to the store. He got not only baked potatoes but also toppings like cheese and sour cream and sweet potatoes…just in case. When he got home, I decided we couldn’t microwave them because they wouldn’t taste as good…so we put them in the oven…for an hour. Hunger is an understatement for both of us and I was getting so excited about my yummy potato. So, I load it up and take a bite. I swallow and Jamie looks at me expectantly…I try to smile as I put down my fork. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “Nothing…” I smile and pick my fork back up. He dives into eating and I look at the potato thinking, “There is NO way….” I feel horrible. I just sent Jamie out on a wild chase for potatoes and now I want nothing to do with it…YIKES!!! When I tell Jamie I can’t eat it, he just sighs and resigns himself to eating not only his potato, but mine too…What a guy! Who knew he’d be eating for two in a totally different way?!?!?!

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