Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hannah's Hair

Hannah has a lot of hair.

Bald can be beautiful, but Jamie and I have had lots of fun with Hannah's hair...see "Style Watch 2009." Hannah's hair is the first thing that EVERYONE notices about her. Babies are automatically a magnet to every stranger in the world and when people see Hannah, they can't help but say, "Look at all that hair!" or "That baby has a lot of hair!" This question is automatically followed by "How old is she?" When I tell them that she is 11 weeks - they simply cannot believe all the hair she has for being that young.

I bring this up because Hannah's hair seems to be her "defining" feature. I recently took her to visit with my friend Stephanie and her children (my Godchildren). As we were sitting on the couch Rachael, who is 5 years old, says, "Her hair is like wild grass!" Stephanie and I were laughing hysterically and Rachael of course couldn't understand what was so funny...because to her, Hannah's hair being like grass was a statement of joke!

Wild grass or not, Hannah's hair is certainly a conversation piece one couldn't anticpate but is fun none the less. Let's just hope it doesn't fall out!

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Katy said...

Wild grass! That is hilarious. I can't believe she's 11 weeks old! How did that happen???? I need to see her again soon.