Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I cried...

Today was Hannah's two month appointment...and I cried. Not because it is the recognition that she's growing super, I cried because she got shots! 3 to be exact. I think they probably hurt me more than her, but considering her bloodcurdling screams, beet red face and scrunched up face, I am imagining it was not fun for her either.

My most of the time happy go lucky baby bawled for what seemed like forever and while I know that she needs the shots...It was not a pleasant experience. Motherhood hurts!

On the bright side, Hannah weighs 9 pounds and is now 22 inches long! That's up from 6 pounds 12 ounces at her last weight check! She is in the 42nd percentile for length, 38th percentile for head circumference and 13th percentile for weight...This means she's tall for her age, skinny for her height and while I am not sure about the head circumference meaning, it probably means she's on track to be super smart! :o)

Hannah continues to be super fun...she smiles a lot now and responds to Mama and Dada's voices. She is a huge fan of her newest toy...her lullaby Glowworm that Nana and Papa Peterson gave to her. She loves the music it plays.


Jessica L. said...

I cannot believe little Hannah is two months old already!!! Time flies. :)

Derric Smith aka get@me1 said...

Take it from someone who HATES shots! It hurt her more than it did you.And she has a lot more to come.Is she doing any tricks yet?