Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleepytime Baby

The latest of Hannah's achievements includes a two night stint of sleeping for longer than two hours. The first night she slept for 4 and a half hours. I woke up at 3:30 am with a start...why hadn't she woken me up? What was wrong? Was she breathing?

Now, I should not have been overly alarmed... She had slept for 4 hours one night before but on that night I woke up every hour to make sure she was still breathing...she was of course, but I was certainly concerned.

So on this night, after 4 and a half hours of sleep, I woke her up...I know what you are thinking...Never wake a sleeping baby...but I got it in my head that she was probably starving considering she's never gone more than 4 hours without eating. She was actually hard to wake up and I should have used that as my cue that she was OK.

The next night she slept for 6 hours. Yes - 6 hours. I could barely believe it...This time I was not going to wake her, but rather wait to see how long she'd sleep. I woke up only twice during this period. The second time was around 3 am. And I couldn't make myself go back to sleep. I laid there waiting for her to wake up...not wanting to miss her cry for food...I waited until 4:30 when she finally stirred! WOW! I paid for it the next day of course, feeling lethargic and tired...oh, well!

For those of you who are wondering if the streak lasted? Alas, it has not. The next night we were back to waking every 2 hours give or take. :o) There is nothing like a baby to make you feel needed! They tell me it's only a matter of time before she starts sleeping through the night and until then, and maybe even after that, I'll continue to wake up every few hours, just to be sure she's OK.

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