Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monkey see...

Yesterday we took Hannah for her first ever trip to the zoo. She slept...through all of it! It was almost 70 degrees in February so we thought we'd take advantage of the great weather. Unfortunately, all of Saint Louis has the exact same idea! Despite the crowded conditions, the animals were out and she got to see bears, gorillas, orangutangs and hippos.

In addition to it being Hannah's first trip to the zoo, it was also a first trip for Hannah's friends Charlie and David - son's of Sherry & J and Laura & Don respectively. Maddie came along too although it wasn't the first trip for her. We think the kids had a pretty good time although they are at the ages where they smile and coo at just about anything... :o)
The photo is of Jamie and Hannah...note the bear in the background!

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