Sunday, February 22, 2009

Formula Stinks!

I am very proud to say that Hannah has been a solely breastfed baby...until recently. Hannah decided to get super hungry in the afternoons and evenings and, I just couldn't keep up. So to keep me sane and her fed, we began to supplement with a small amount of formula in the evening. (This was slightly traumatic for me as I developed some sort of complex that I was failing as a mother because I wasn't producing enough food for my child...I've since recovered and realized I am still doing great things by breastfeeding at all of the other need to call a shrink. But I digress.)

Hannah's first formula experience was not pretty. First off, it smells and if it smells to us, it's even more pungent to babies who have noses so good they can tell their mom from other moms! So immediately when Jamie gave her the bottle, her nose wrinkled. Then he put it in her mouth and she tasted it. Apparently it's not as sweet and tasty as the breast milk she was used to...She immediately starting gaging and spitting it out. She refused to drink the formula until she realized that was all she was getting. Begrudgingly, she finally ate it.

That was Hannah's reaction. For us, it was a little easier to swallow (ha ha) However, after eating it, she didn't have sweet Hannah breath, but smelled like nasty formula...and the smell stuck...for what seemed like hours! EWWW!!! And it caused her to spit up...unlike breast milk. Double EWWW!!!

Conclusion: We don't like the smell and Hannah doesn't like the taste...So long story short...formula stinks...


Katy said...

I could have written this post exactly, back in May. Sorry you have to deal with stinky formula. Hannah will always love her mommy best, but you'll both get used to the formula, too!

Derric Smith aka get@me1 said...

Formula won't go bad if the power goes out????