Sunday, February 22, 2009


Everyone has nicknames for their precious babies. Hannah is no exception. Obviously she was "Lil Monkey" before she was born. She's been dubbed "Grandma's Little Doll" by my Grandmother (her Great Grandmother). Great Grandpa Guthrie calls her his "Little Punkin" and her daddy calls her "Baby Bear."

Recently though, we've had to dub a new nickname for Hannah - Bonk. She's learning to use her neck muscles and loves to be held upright against your chest. She's pretty good about holding her head up but every once in a while she starts to wobble and then...BONK...her head careens towards you with enough force to bust your lip. (She doesn't cry, but it made me blink back a tear!) Now...keep in mind that we are cautious to watch her neck and work to prevent this from happening but inevitably she'll be rolling along with great skill at holding her head up and then...BONK...Her little head does a dance!

So add it to the list of nicknames that no doubt will grow longer as she grows bigger! Our little Bonk is getting so big...Her next nickname no doubt will memorialize her next milestone!

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Derric Smith aka get@me1 said...

i love when kids do that.that a big progress point!I love the pic