Friday, August 1, 2008

What's a girl gotta do to get McDonald's?

Recently, we took a family vacation to Colorado to visit Lil' Monkey's Uncle Douglas during his internship with the United States Olympic Committee. I will share with you a story that some day will be a hilarious example of what happens when a pregnant woman is hungry.

So, we'd finished a very scenic ride up Pike's Peak on the cog railroad. It was a gorgeous adventure complete with a 40 degree temperature chance and some of the most amazing scenery in the world. Following this adventure however, I experienced a bit of altitude sickness and wasn't feeling my best by the time we got to the bottom.

The plan for the day was to drive to Denver for lunch with a friend, a tour of the Coors brewery and a Rockies Baseball game. As the 5 adults (Mom, Dad, Me, Jamie and Douglas) piled in the very warm mini van, I told my loving family that I was hungry and needed some food prior to the hour and a half drive to Denver. Mom quickly said, "OK, dear. What do you want?"

"McDonald's." was my definitive answer.

My father at the wheel, we set off to find McDonald's. We entered what you could tell was the "fast food alley" of the town. As we proceed down the road, my father proceeds to ask me, "How about Sonic?"






"Taco Bell?"

At this point during the VERY long drive to find the McDonald's, pushed far beyond the limits of patience any hungry, pregnant woman's should be forced to endure, I shout, "WHAT PART OF MCDONALD'S DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND????"

In hind sight, the inane nature of my reaction is humorous and luckily for me - my father is an understanding man...and lucky for my father, my mom quickly reassured me that we would get McDonald's!

Jamie just reached for my arm as if to withhold me from opening the car door and walking to the nearest McDonald's. He knew that in my state, it was likely that my "rational" thoughts would believe I could get there by foot faster than by car.

Then, in the distance, I saw it...The most beautiful site of the day - The golden arches of McDonald's. I ordered my Happy Meal and took a bite. Pure nirvana. The more I ate, the better I felt. As the sugar returned to my blood, I was able to overtake the psychotic pregnant persona that had possessed me and regain control of myself.

I thanked my family for indulging me and apologized for the strange force that had possessed my mind and body just shortly before hand...Seriously though, the moral of the story? Give the pregnant woman what she wants to eat, or prepare to be eaten!!!

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