Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hannah's TV Debut


This is a link to Hannah's very first appearance on TV. Hannah was lucky enough to be selected to be a child model for Chesterfield Mall...hmmm...I wonder how she got that gig!?!?!?

Anyway, taking her to the station for her debut was a bit nerve wracking...and more than once I thought...Is this a good idea? I kept running through the possible scenarios in my mind...will she cry? Will she smile? Will she spit up on the $148 dress that she is wearing?

As our adventure began, she fell asleep in the car and I thought, "This is great! Sleep is good." because she is normally very happy after naps. Then of course, when we got to the station, she woke up...and she was a bit cranky because of how she was woken up...apparently a lot of jostling to get her out of the car and cold wind is not the ideal way to wake a baby. But, I figured it was nothing that a bottle couldn't cure so off we went to feed Miss Hannah. Even after eating she was still a bit fussy...and a bit fussier after pulling the dress over her head. As I put on her satin shoes and adjusted the bow in her hair I held my breath as we entered the live studio for her big debut...

And she did GREAT! Granted, she lost her shoe during the segment and kept pulling at the dress with her little hands (which I thought was very cute...), but she didn't cry, drool or do anything else overly distracting...SHE WAS FABULOUS!

I took a huge, deep breath after it was all done and despite all of the nerves and trepidation thought, "When can we put her on TV again???"

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Derric Smith aka get@me1 said...

You both did good.If I had a baby girl I would have bought the dress.