Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hannah's Newsletter Volume 2

Volume 2 has now hit your inboxes and as promised, here is where you can vote on which hairstyle you like best...simply comment on this post...votes will be tabulated and announced in the next newsletter.

I can also see you can't really read the Volume 1 I tried to attach to the blog...I will find a way to attach the pdfs or somehow make them readable...I will not post volume 2 to the blog when I figure that out.
Answers to the Hunt for Hannah will be posted shortly!


StephV said...

I'm loving Punk Rock Princess! How adorable!

Derric Smith aka get@me1 said...

Bathtime is my vote

Jason said...

My vote is for the Hat hair, she is so precious!

Brenda said...

Fuzzy head is Nana's favorite!

Derric Smith aka get@me1 said...

Whatever happen to the hunt for Hannah?It's been almost a month